How to Kill A Dragon - Dragon Age: Origins Unofficial Video Game Guide - Jacek Halas & GRY-Online S.A.

How to Kill A Dragon - Dragon Age: Origins Unofficial Video Game Guide

By Jacek Halas & GRY-Online S.A.

  • Release Date: 2009-11-18
  • Genre: Games
  • Size: 45 MB

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This main guide to Dragon Age: Origins video game contains a detailed info on primary and secondary quests available in the game. Each quest has been described thoroughly. Possible solutions are shown and ways to defeat enemies are described.
All the quests in this guide have been divided into four main categories:
- The first category contains all six origins stories played immediately after a new hero has been created (player is allowed to choose a story depending on race and class).
- The second category contains all main quests tied to the Plague issue. Their completion is required to reach one of the endings of the game.
- The third category contains all quests tied to certain locations. Some of these assignments are mandatory and some of them are optional.
- The final fourth category contains small quests given to the main character by members of different guilds and organizations.
This game guide is also offering more than 80 large maps of certain areas of Ferelden and their role is to make the process of finding items, NPC's and monsters easier.
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