Sold to the Sheikh: His Indecent Proposal (Book One) - Holly Rayner

Sold to the Sheikh: His Indecent Proposal (Book One)

By Holly Rayner

  • Release Date: 2016-09-14
  • Genre: Romance
  • Size: 210.82 KB

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He wants me, he needs me. I never thought I could be in this position; propositioned to be a surrogate to his child, the likely heir of his fortune and family's legacy. And he'll pay me! Enough to put off my money worries for the rest of my life...

The question is, do I want to do it? He's Rami Al-Hassan, a billionaire Sheikh of The Principality of Al-Andalus, and he certainly isn't accustomed to being turned down.

I never could have imagined doing something like this before now, but looking into that gorgeously chiseled face, and those sparkling, enigmatic eyes, I can see something behind the ostentatious exterior. Something like love...

Can I find it within myself to accept the Sheikh's indecent proposal? Can I sell my body to the Sheikh? Can I really carry his child?