Secrets and Side Missions in  MGS V The Phantom Pain - Jacek Halas & GRY-Online S.A.

Secrets and Side Missions in MGS V The Phantom Pain

By Jacek Halas & GRY-Online S.A.

  • Release Date: 2015-11-02
  • Genre: Games
  • Size: 22.2 MB

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This unofficial game guide for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain describes all the additional (apart from the main story) activities and attractions offered by the game. The main part of the guide is a walkthrough to all 157 Side-Ops available in the game. Every mission is described in detail. You will find here information about how to unlock them, where do they take place, how to complete, what equipment to take and what is the reward. The next part of the guide is a chapter devoted to managing the Mother Base. Another large part of the game guide is a list of collectibles. You can read about finding diamonds, cassette tapes, blueprints, posters, memento photos and new animals for your zoo. You will find detailed info about their locations, along with maps or screenshots from the game. The last chapter is devoted to Achievements and Trophies, in which every achievement is described.
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